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Humidity & Condensation Control Fiber
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Humidity & Condensation Control Fiber:

  It is an environmentally friendly material mixed with a microporous macromolecular water-absorbing polymer in a fiber material. Unlike traditional granular, powder or flake desiccants, when the temperature and humidity of a semi-closed or closed environment change, HCCF can effectively control the humidity in the environment and inhibit the generation of fog and condensation. The unique moisture-absorbing fiber skeleton is used as a water delivery pipeline, and the reservoir effect formed by the cooperation of the microporous material ensures the two-way reversibility of the material's moisture absorption and desorption.

Product principle:

  It is reversible, by absorbing moisture at high humidity and releasing moisture at low humidity, it can keep the space humidity stable for a long time. With this humidity control function, the dehumidification effect can be maintained for a long time, and it is a material that can effectively cope with condensation.

Product features:

  1. Independent research and development of patented products, with internationally leading humidity control technology;

  2. Two-way humidity control can be used for a long time;

  3. No external power supply is required, reducing the risk of active device wiring;

  4. Easy to install, using bonding or hooking methods;

  5. Material Environmental protection complies with ROHS and REACH regulations;

  6. It has been applied by the State Grid.

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